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What right do I have?

Not long ago I read a phrase that deeply resonated with how I have been feeling, as of late. I can’t remember the exact source and I did not make note of it, so I must paraphrase. It was on … Continue reading

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Survivorship ain’t all that and a bag o’ chips.

It’s been a bizarre 24 hours. Not long after dropping off The OffSpring at school yesterday, I get a phone call from the school nurse at Gregory and AnnMarie’s school. She and I have a long history and I love receiving calls from … Continue reading

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Healing deep wounds.

Sister, Sis, Sissy, AnnMarie~ Hello, darling. It’s late at night, on a Monday in November, 2012. You are slumbering away, in what I hope, are sweet and peace filled dreams. I am just now, finding space in my heart to … Continue reading

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Squandering is not an option.

Five slight fingers, a three inch palm. The trust of a child who knows he is loved and secure. My hand wrapped warmly around his soft little hand. Reminding one another that we are OK and we love each other. This … Continue reading

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How’s The Greginator?

It’s been ages since I have done a proper update on Gregory. Shall we begin?? To say that Gregory has been thriving would be a severe understatement. He started first grade this past September and has not looked back. His … Continue reading

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These Are Days

Goofy Saturday Mornings Quiet Moments before Giant Moments Buh-Bye! Three years, seven months, twenty-six days. Gregory had his port removed Monday, October 22, 2012. It happened in quite a whirlwind of last minute happenings. On Monday, the 15th, he had … Continue reading

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Magic and Miracles

The sun is hot in the mid-afternoon Indian Summer day. He steps out of his classroom, shakes his teacher’s hand farewell and stops at the top of the stoop. Scanning the sea of parents faces. Searching for me. Searching for … Continue reading

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