My Hero – by Curtis Bibb

The following was written by Curtis. Gregory’s 14 year old brother. It was an assignment for his English class this past fall. 

Heroes in real life aren’t like the ones you read about in comics. Heroes in real life don’t have super powers, and instead they help people by being police officers or firemen  My little brother went through treatment for a very rare kind of leukemia called JMML. Through this treatment he displayed strength, bravery, and optimism in nearly every possible way. In my life, my brother is my hero.

Although my little brother is young, he is very strong, has desplayed it many times, and is not weak. My brother is very strong. He went through a lot of pain and still had the strength to say cheerfully “Hi Curtis!” I don’t know what I would do without him. For example, my brother had chemicals pumped into him and and night for a year and fought through the suffering to stay alive. My brother is not weak. He did not give up when death loomed over him. He practically said “No Death! I will not go into your unforgiving arms! I love my family and you can never know what that is like!” clearly, my brother is very strong.

Since my brother went through so much pain, he has bravery, is very prominent about it, and he is not paranoid. My brother is very brave. He went through a lot of pain and agony during his treatment, including the doctors using many syringes on him, which he used to be deathly afraid of. For example, my brother was so brave that one time he had five shots and didn’t even flinch. Afterwards he said, “That wasn’t so bad” and fell asleep. My brother is not paranoid. He is very relaxed and is really only scared of the dark. Just like I was when I was his age. Clearly, my brother is very brave.

Becasue my brother went through his treatment, he has become very optimistic, enjoys pronouncing it to the world, and he is not pessimistic. My brother is very optimistic. He always has a bright outlook on the world, and he always tries to help if something is wrong within my family or at school. For this reason he has helped my family when nearly all of us are mad about something stupid like who didn’t replace the butter. For example, one time when I got home I was sort of mad because of somebody at school. My little brother wanted to know so I told him and he stated singing “Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python and it made me happy. My brother is not pessimistic. He is always happy and cheerful, and he never thinks anything bad is going to happen. Clearly, my little brother is very optimistic.

My brother is a hero in my eyes. during his treatment my brother displayed strength, bravery, and a whole lot of optimism. My brother went through treatment for a rare from of leukemia known as JMML. This event showed me that not all heroes have super powers.

 The Hero


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3 Responses to My Hero – by Curtis Bibb

  1. Jess says:

    Clearly, they have a brilliant, brave, and strong Mom. LOVE. 🙂

  2. This was a 2 Kleenex post mama.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree about the kleenex post! Beautiful.

    -goddess jeannie 🙂

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