Corners of my heart.

Nablopomo ~  What are your thoughts about tomorrow’s election in the United States?

Today’s writing prompt. Yeah. I know. I seriously considered leaving a blank page. I’m not about to go into my political views. Suffice it to say, I cling to the idea of LOVE. *sigh* Wouldn’t that be a fabulous platform?


On the drive home from school today, Curtis was sharing that he was sad. Sad because a friend of his was sad and there was little he could do to help her. This type of sadness is a prominent theme in my life.

I am part of a very rich and diverse community of families affected by childhood cancer. The statistic is: 1 in 5 kids diagnosed with cancer will not survive. Frankly, I believe that stat to be higher. To expand on this: I have roughly 1,200 FaceBook friends. I would conservatively estimate that 75% of them are childhood cancer families. Which gives us a figure of 900 to start with. 1 in 5 is 20%. 20% of 900 is 180. I have statistically 180 FB friends who’s children have died. Frightening figure. Which means I have 180 friends who grieve, daily.

I was listening to my playlist the other day and Train’s, When I Look To The Sky came on.

The lyrics triggered thoughts of my friends. How it is to live a life without your child. To live a life after witnessing the cruel death of your child. To muscle through constant triggers, wonder over missed milestones, question if they ‘did everything they could’…….. living with the tender soreness of grief.

I can’t ‘DO’ anything for these parents I love so deeply. I only witness and offer love. They are as much a part of my daily life as Gregory is. I cannot look at his surviving self and not see the kids who are gone. I remember them, I speak their names, I carry them in my heart. 

Donna, Ryan, Julian, Rhema, Cole, David, Mason, Max, Tyler, Kamran, AJ, Michael, Nikki, Braeden, Anjali, Keeghan, Aidan, Kendall, Cameron, Christopher, Jack, Hope, Dylan, Davey, Jessica, Mia, Rayley, Nayelis, Terria, Cameron, Bobby, Jordan, Ethan, Ashley, Anna, William, Isaiah, JJ, Parker, Kelsie, Jiselle, Javeth, Callie, Arden, Ronan, Chase, Auston, Bryce, Elizabeth, Corey, Drake, Matthew, Cory, Stephanie, Landyn, Reid, Delaney, Declan, Jessica, Katie Ann, Layla, Armstrong, Caleb, Nicky, Brandon, Isaac, Gregory, Oliver, Ellie, Travis, Tyler, Katelyn, Salvatore, Makiah, Nick, Delaney, Elizabeth, Timmy, Shea, 

The names go on and on. They all occupy a piece of my life. 

In honor, in MEMORY, in defense.

NaBloPoMo November 2012


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One Response to Corners of my heart.

  1. Jenn says:

    I don't have many words to say after reading this heart felt post and listening to that wonderful song. Cheers, Jenn

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