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Survivorship ain’t all that and a bag o’ chips.

It’s been a bizarre 24 hours. Not long after dropping off The OffSpring at school yesterday, I get a phone call from the school nurse at Gregory and AnnMarie’s school. She and I have a long history and I love receiving calls from … Continue reading

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Healing deep wounds.

Sister, Sis, Sissy, AnnMarie~ Hello, darling. It’s late at night, on a Monday in November, 2012. You are slumbering away, in what I hope, are sweet and peace filled dreams. I am just now, finding space in my heart to … Continue reading

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Squandering is not an option.

Five slight fingers, a three inch palm. The trust of a child who knows he is loved and secure. My hand wrapped warmly around his soft little hand. Reminding one another that we are OK and we love each other. This … Continue reading

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Tight in a bud.

I don’t know how to talk to you. Should I be defensive, offensive or simply open. Aggressive, respectful, loving. I don’t know and it’s killing me, a little bit, everyday. I want to be angry. I want to rant and … Continue reading

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Super quick Friday Night Drive-by. AnnMarie has her craft fair tomorrow. she is putting the finishing touches on her items, creating signs and preparing a bit for work to keep her occupied while at her table. She has a friend … Continue reading

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Bullets. The only kind I love.

It’s been a long, full and emotionally taxing day. What does that mean for YOU?? The simplicity of bullet points. Gregory had a fabulous day at school today, although quite ravenous. Illness, be gone! AnnMarie is frantically getting ready to … Continue reading

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How’s The Greginator?

It’s been ages since I have done a proper update on Gregory. Shall we begin?? To say that Gregory has been thriving would be a severe understatement. He started first grade this past September and has not looked back. His … Continue reading

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