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What can YOU do to support childhood cancer?

Today is Saturday, September 1, 2012. Today begins the fast and furious 30 days of National Childhood Cancer Awareness month in the United States. We, the childhood cancer community, have been furiously preparing for these brief 30 days. During this … Continue reading

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Beginning to break my silence.

The pull to the keyboard is ferocious. I find myself sitting before this screen constantly. Then I loose focus. My thoughts clamor for attention. “Get me out! Turn me into black and white type!” I am desperately trying to commit … Continue reading

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Katie Saves Gregory

Part I – Backstory Part II – Tuesday Part III – Wednesday Part IV – ThursDAY¬† I’ve been hoarding these moments and memories. Knowing, with such a certainty, that I cannot do the evening justice. Knowing that these black and … Continue reading

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