I say YES to LIFE.

to listen to my desires 
to love myself completely 
to make myself happy & joyful 
to be deeply fulfilled 
and live in purposeful ecstasy. 

My body is an Open & Receptive temple for Divinity, Joy, Bliss, Fulfillment & Soulful Purpose to embody within. 

I give myself COMPLETE PERMISSION to turn myself on 
to bathe in love 
& to embody the grace & wisdom of feminine divinity. 

I am an activated Goddess overflowing with an abundance of Love, Joy, Bliss, Self-Love, Wisdom, Life Force Energy & Soulful Healing Creativity. 

I say YES to Fulfillment 
I say YES to Heart Wisdom 
I say YES to Authentic Desire 
I say YES to Joy 
I say YES to Creativity 
I say YES to Sensuality 
I say YES to My Soul’s Purpose 
I say YES to Sexuality 
I say YES to Abundance 
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation 
I say YES to LIFE.


About Mindi Finch

Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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33 Responses to I say YES to LIFE.

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    • Ankit says:

      When I had my first bout with these symptoms, I took Nortriptyline that hepled with the head pressure and Ambian for sleep. After being on them for a year and when my symptoms subsided, I weaned off both of them. When my relapse begain 3 months ago .I went back on the Nortriptyline for 3 weeks but then developed a reaction and had to go off. I also went back on Ambian but can only take 2.5 mg at a time or otherwise my brain starts spasming. I just started the Remeron 2 weeks ago .not sure how it is working yet. I have tried Paxil, Prozac, Nuerontin in the past and those made my symptoms worse. I started Klonopin about 3 weeks ago but am scared to death of the paradoxical effects and the building a resistance .so I am only taking 1/4 of a .5 mg tablet when I am most anxious. I know I am completely scared of it. I have been fighting and fighting the meds for so long .granted partly because I don’t like taking them .but partly because I think my nervous system is so screwed up it just reacts badly to most of them. BUT .I am really desparate at this point. I have fought this for a year the first time around .have now fought it again for the past 3 months and am finally at the point where I have to give in and try the meds again. Let me know how much Klonopin you have been able to take and if you have started the weaning off process yet. Do you think the Zoloft helps you with the anxiety as much as the Klonopin?

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