Will Gregory go to school next year?

Gregory has been attending a small Waldorf inspired school. This year would have been his second year of Pre-School. Instead, it’s his first. He has been attending two days a week, in the afternoon. Which has been perfect for where he is at. While he hasn’t been able to attend regularly, it’s been an amazing experience for him. The only reason he hasn’t attended regularly is due to the cold/flu season. He attends school if he is well and his classmates are not sick.
Next year he will be in Kindergarten, five days a week. We will see how it goes. He is a very bright little munchkin. I’m not concerned about his academic performance. I’m just trying to get him more socialization with Non-Cancer kids. Being isolated for nearly two years really puts a damper on being able to socialize!
Each day, post his diagnosis day, that he walks this green planet is Gravy.

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