First, YOU are amazing and the strength that you have ever day truly amazes me. When will Gregory completely be out of the woods for relapse? I am addicted to the blog and have you guys in my thoughts so much it makes me feel intrusive at times.

Thank you. *curtsy* Yet, we all have it in us. Yes. You do.
This is a complicated question. I hate to jinx myself, but from everything that I’ve learned, Gregory’s risk of his JMML returning is very small. *crosses fingers*
In the world we live in, Gregory is not cured or in remission. He has No Evidence of Disease. He now has bone marrow from another person. If his marrow were to begin working again, the disease would return. JMML is hardwired into the DNA of his marrow. His bone marrow transplant included hard core chemo that fully destroyed every last drop of his marrow.
In terms of his marrow there are two things that haunt me. Three of the chemos he received cause cancer. Which for Gregory would be called a secondary cancer. Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS & AML. The other concern is his new marrow just not working. Should this happen, he would need a new transplant.
While these are scary side effects, they are pretty low on my list of worries. They are big and if they happen, we just deal with it. We had a scare in January of ’10, thinking that he was developing a secondary cancer. That experience taught me that worrying about this does me no good.
It’s the chronic day-in, day-out stuff that wears me out.

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