What is the best way to tell family we don’t want to exchange gifts, but to use money to donate to charity in their names for the holidays instead? We have had people respond negatively to this in the past if it wasn’t accompanied by a "gift".

Boy. That is a hard one. Gift giving and gift receiving. Many gift givers are so incredibly vested in the act of picking out something special, for that someone special. The whole process. Finding "the right" gift. Imagining the receivers response. Carefully wrapping the gift. Presenting the gift. Watching the reaction and receiving the thanks. The tradition of holiday gift giving.

Forgetting that it’s not about the giver. It’s about the receiver and the intent in the gift giving.

This is a deeply ingrained thought process. I don’t know how to help you, help them, "get it". They have to get it on their own time, on their own terms. Yet, please know that YOU are helping them to get it.

Remember: Love. Respect. Time.

Just one spin around this little planet is not nearly enough to learn all that there is. We are all on a different path of learning.

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