Your Child Has Cancer

We are all part of this Great Green & Blue Planet.  We all have responsibilities to ourselves and each other.  Most of us have Causes that are near and dear to us.  I have several:  The environment, Education Reform, Community Building, Peace, Love, Joy, Music, Empowering Ourselves………  I now add Childhood Cancer Research and Support For Families with Childhood Cancer.  I should say “proudly”.  I am proud to be part of this advocacy, just not the way it entered my life.  I’d give anything to have not had a personal relationship with this Beast.  It’s not a “Gift”, there’s no “Lesson” to be learned, there’s no “Reason” big enough to off-set what our family has been/is going through.  Then there’s the fact the our youngest child has suffered.  So have our other two.  Nope.  Not worth anything in this world.  Don’t let anyone try and tell you otherwise.

If you’ve been around me for anytime at all you’ll know this:  SEPTEMBER IS CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS MONTH.  GOLD is the color for CHILDHOOD CANCER AWARENESS.  In this age of Social Networking and The Internet I have had the opportunity to get so know incredible people.  Movers and shakers, silent supporters, valiant warriors and goddesses.  Last Tuesday, September 7, 46 Mommas from all across the nation got together and Shaved For The Brave with St Baldrick’s.  Why 46?  46 represents the number of families, every weekday, who hear the words, “Your child has cancer.”  St Baldrick’s is an organization that funds Childhood Cancer Research.  Second in Childhood Cancer Research Funding to the government.   On Friday, September 10, broadcast simultaneously over 15+ major networks, The 46 Mommas appeared at the top of Stand Up 2 Cancer’s telethon to raise funds for Cancer Research.  Raising awareness for Childhood Cancer.  Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C) is an Entertainment Industry Foundation.  100% of donations to SU2C go towards Cancer Research.  Thanks to hard work within the Childhood Cancer Community, SU2C’s dream teams are funding Childhood Cancer Research Grants.  This is an amazing accomplishment.  “Kids can’t fight cancer alone” and neither can their Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandparent’s, Caregiver’s and loved one’s.  The collaboration between these three organizations is groundbreaking and amazing to witness. 

The 46 Mommas shaved at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Los Angeles, California.  Several professional photographers were at hand to capture the moments.  This video was photographed and compiled by Ray Schiel.  Thank you, Ray.  This is a priceless gift.

Meet The 46 Mommas at

Watch the SU2C Telethon at

Wanna see the impact?  Do a 46 Mommas Google search.

Want to make a difference?  Share this post.  Tell a friend.  Tell ten friends.  Wear GOLD!  Donate to 46 Mommas, help them reach their $1 Million goal.  Be A Shavee

Why?  For life, for death, for fear, for PTSD, for financial ruin, for Mom’s, Dad’s, Sibling’s.  For Late Effects, for Chemo Toxicity, for Growth Failure, for Graft Versus Host, for AVN, for Cataracts, for Trauma, for Wheelchairs, Pink Puke Buckets, IV Poles, Central Lines, G Tubes, Neutropenia, Scars, Intubation……..  FOR THE KIDS.  The HEROES. The WARRIORS.  The BRAVE.  They can’t do this alone.  Neither can we.  Please.  Help us, help the kids.
Greginator 048 copy

Oh yeah. Watch out Childhood Cancer! I’m shaving next year with the 2011 46 Mommas!


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