What is the best thing about you? And is it something that has always been a part of you, something that you worked on, or something you have become since becoming a mom?

Whew! That’s quite the question. The best thing about ME? Quite simply: The entire package. Wouldn’t be me, otherwise. All the good, bad, ugly & beautiful.
We are all "works in progress". I hope there will never be a day when I will say "I’m done cooking. Perfection has been obtained." I have been/am the best me that I can be. There have been some strange phases, periods where I’ve been stuck and years of amazing growth. I don’t have any part of my life that I would want to "do over" or never live through. Except Gregory’s Cancer. I do wish that never entered our lives. More for his sake than anything.
I’ve also come to the opinion that "being a mom" is not what makes us who we are. If we have maternal tendencies, they will surface regardless of the state of our "Motherhood". Being a Mom doesn’t make my life any better than someone who isn’t. Nurturing life doesn’t mean growing babies and raising kids. Life takes on many manifestations.
Motherhood is not the only thing that defines me, either. Every moment of my life has created the "Me" that exists now.
Yes. I kinda like myself. Conceited? Naaaa. Just happy.

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About Mindi Finch

Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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