Just out of curiosity, why does Gregory still use a pacifier?

Oh boy. More social norms. (Not offended, just making a point.) Gregory was 3 1/2 at diagnosis. We had gotten him to the point of strictly bed time pacifier use and it was on it’s way out the door. Then his life was turned upside down and inside out. He lost control over every aspect of his life and his sense of security was ripped away. Those around him (his family) were in a state of shock, panic and fear. Kids are like animals, too. They pick up the vibe around them. There was NO WAY I could remove something that offered him security and comfort. Endless nights/days spent in strange hospital rooms, doctors offices. If he could have something so simple to bring him peace? I offer it with all the joy in my heart. He’ll lose it when he’s ready. Of that I am sure. His life is forever altered and full of uncertainty. He can have his comfort where he can find it.

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