A little Sunshine goes a long way……

This may not be where I’m at, yet I’m trying hard to manifest just a little bit. These four young men have lyrics and music for every moment.

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4 Responses to A little Sunshine goes a long way……

  1. Rendy says:

    as you may know very well than me these days blogs are cropping up all over the place.most plepoe starting such blogs think,they can write anyway and anything on there blog which is definately not true.but your blog solely stands out for your writing style,it is actually quite engrossing.keep at it.

  2. MeganI read all 3 books , the summer I I turned pretty, it’s not summer without you, and finally we’ll always have summer. I’m so so happy I read this series because it’s my favorite series now. I enjoyed all three books. In the second book my heart was aching when conrad and bellly would argue. But in the third book I couldn’t stop crying! I got so emotional . I was so happy with the ending! But I wish I could have been surprised because I was sl excited to read the 3rd book and I had to read online who belly ended up with so ya know it was sorta a bummer but I ruined it for myself. REGARDLESS I love this series. And I know this is a fiction book but I felt as lf I was belly and her problems were my problems. DEFINITALY recommend this book and really wish there were more books but I was so happy with the outcome so there was no need. I hope they make this a movie, but If not its okay. Props to Jenny Han for writing this fantastic book and for making the book come Alive. I will be writing Jenny han a fan letter! Haha #TeamBelly #TeamFischer ❤

  3. Open says:

    MaryCan’t wait!! I just finished It’s Not Summer Without You like 10 mitnues ago and I can’t wait to read the next book! I wish I hadn’t read the 2 first books until the third one was out but I had no idea I would love them so much! And that there would be such a cliffhanger! Certainly mean to leave us hanging like that.I just hope Belly makes the right choice and stays with Jeremiah. I truly believe he’s the one that’s good for her. Conrad is great but he’s no Jere. Kinda anxious about the mistake he is going to make in this book though..hope it doesn’t change my mind about him.Can April come any sooner??????? Me thinks not!

  4. Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnappers!

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