A little Sunshine goes a long way……

This may not be where I’m at, yet I’m trying hard to manifest just a little bit. These four young men have lyrics and music for every moment.


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Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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4 Responses to A little Sunshine goes a long way……

  1. Rene says:

    the way you connect with your reredas through your posts is amazing,be it a video,image or a post, you seem to exactly know what fits in the criteria.beleive me i read 10 s of blogs every week, but your posts are quite engrossing than the rest. I just hope you continue writing and updating this blog!

  2. MeganI read all 3 books , the summer I I turned pretty, it’s not summer without you, and finally we’ll always have summer. I’m so so happy I read this series because it’s my favorite series now. I enjoyed all three books. In the second book my heart was aching when conrad and bellly would argue. But in the third book I couldn’t stop crying! I got so emotional . I was so happy with the ending! But I wish I could have been surprised because I was sl excited to read the 3rd book and I had to read online who belly ended up with so ya know it was sorta a bummer but I ruined it for myself. REGARDLESS I love this series. And I know this is a fiction book but I felt as lf I was belly and her problems were my problems. DEFINITALY recommend this book and really wish there were more books but I was so happy with the outcome so there was no need. I hope they make this a movie, but If not its okay. Props to Jenny Han for writing this fantastic book and for making the book come Alive. I will be writing Jenny han a fan letter! Haha #TeamBelly #TeamFischer ❤

  3. Gisho says:

    Hi, I like the idea that you want to hear from everyone and that it is up to all of us thtegoer to find the needed solutions. However, I am surprised given this that you don’t yet seem to have a developed format for bringing forward the most promising solutions and action steps that we can all take. It will not be time efficient for all of us to read through all of the comments to find the best and brightest ideas and campaigns, etc. Why not create opportunities and a format where we can contribute our ideas and they are catalogued in a way that is easy to read through and consider them. For example, I represent the Global Ecovillage Network at the UN. I have learned lots of ways that rural communities can plan for a more sustainable and climate friendly future. Indeed I have developed a program proposal for a global ecovillage training program and regional networks of Resource and Service Centers that can assure that all people’s basic human needs are finally met, while dramatically reducing our impact on the planet, restoring the natural environment, and sequestering and reducing green house gases. I’d love to share such an idea with everyone if there is a way it can be noticed and we can begin to support each other’s great ideas like this. Thanks, Rob

  4. It’s good to get a fresh way of looking at it.

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