Cancer Support Groups

This is a list of support groups for anyone dealing with Cancer in their life. Someone I know was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and I felt the need to post this resource. Check it out. The list is pretty long. If you have any questions on how to use it, please let me know. Love & Light to everyone.

Check out this website I found at


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4 Responses to Cancer Support Groups

  1. Jessica says:

    was positive. They came up with no caecnr present. So my doctor was very adamant that he was not wrong and so I went back to the hospital two months later and they did their own biopsy which came back negative. In fact they were surprised that my Urologist even did a biopsy on a PSA that was only 2.0 and that had increased one point in a year based on my family doctor’s information. Here are some original mistakes to watch out for all of you who may experieince this: my family doctor who said my PSA went up one point in a year had both readings done by different labs, not good, and then when my Urologist decided to do a biopsy based on that information without doing his own PSA test to confirm. Clearly I should have been smarter and seen that error. But then there is so much money to be made from biopsies and radical surgery Urologists will guide you straight down that road. This was all a year and a half ago and my PSA continues to decline now to almost 1.0 which I check every thre months.

  2. Ferge says:

    Yikes! This must have given a fright. Good luck on your reeovcry!I was just reading how often breast and prostate cancer are misdiagnosed; during my mom’s cancer much was learned about this disease, not the least of which is there is indeed a conspiracy to hide all, but the poisonous cancer treatments.Cats Claw is good for the prostate and is quite amazing at fixing, within days, any pain that emanates from that region. A good Milk Thistle source, Vit C and a Glutithion (sp) enhancer like whey is a solid regimine too is important. Before any surgery major doses of C will greatly decrease inflamation/pain and decrease down time; a naturopathic doctor with an MD informed me of this when her husband needed major surgery. (They resisted and she threatened to SUE if they did not give HUGE C doses IV.); N.D. #2 who was the Green party candidate at one point, told me this also and that 1000mg/hr will cure cancer . Detoxing and taking good care of your liver to aid your body in this area is key to activating your immune system. See Gerson Therapy for extensive research on organic juicing and coffee enema effects; quite impressive what adding concentrated nutrients can do for some, but the coffee enemas are not optional to get the toxins GUSHING out of your body!Take care!

  3. What a pleasure to meet someone who thinks so clearly

    • Hakim says:

      I dont know what stage 3 is.. BUT I had prostate cacenr in 2005 and was given a harmone shot called lupron to start with .. One lupron shot will put the cacenr on hold for about 4 months.. and if his cacenr isnt real bad there is a possibility that it can keep him alive 8-10 years The shots cost about $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 each.. dont know if this will work for you.. If he is near California .. he might call Loma Linda University Medical Center..Proton Radiation Department.. They treat lots of prostate cacenr there and it is a Seven Day Adventist Hospital.. I have no idea if they would help him if he explained his situation.. all I know is that they are some of the nicest people I have ever met.. wish I could help more..

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