Proof of life….

The last several posts have been pretty heavy.  Let’s deviate and have some eye candy.

Fresh from a bath!

Sleepy smiles.

It’s soooooo curly! 

Look at them curls

Off to X-Ray.  His Gut GVH has not help him to feel well.

Off to X-Ray.  He doesn't feel well.

 Yes, I do exist.  Needing a haircut and feeling like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 10 months.

Proof of Life

Gregory’s Gut GVH is still flaring.  We have clinic tomorrow and will have more information.  Probably an appointment to a GI doc as well.  H1N1 booster, too.  Today it was all about ‘Cozy blankets & Cozy love”  ’cause love makes you feel oh-so-cozy.  I’ve discovered a really great weblog  I bit the bullet and submitted my blog for their mamablogs  As you might have guessed, it was accepted and my entries are now being read over there, too.  So very exciting.  If you are reading this from there here is a link that will enable you to read our backstory.    Hopefully I’ll have time, later tomorrow to post about tomorrow’s clinic visit.  ’til later, gotta jet. 


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One Response to Proof of life….

  1. Masrukhin says:

    Last night Mrs Acilius and I were getting ready for bed. We terund the TV on, and they were showing a movie version of THE MOD SQUAD. The channel’s programmers must have read your comment!

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