There is never enough time for reading.

We are sitting in a freshly scrubbed, somewhat organized home.  The apartment at Ronnie Donnie has nothing but hardwood floors.  Which is totally awesome, but not to great for chillin’ on the floor.  We could leave the sofa bed out, but I am trying to get Gregory out of the habit of playing in bed.  Mom found a really great floor mat and it arrived today!!!  Pretty cool, huh?

THE Floor Mat!

I started a project, while we were in-patient.  We, for obvious reasons, did not have a ton a friends/family stopping by to see us.  A friend had a hospital experience where she posted butcher paper on the walls and had everyone write “lessons” that they learned through her husbands hospitalization.  (T ~ OK description?)  Instead of lessons, I requested that the staff give Gregory and I their favorite books.  Their favorite all time book and their favorite childhood book.  Here’s a pic of it, you really can’t read it, but there are GREAT recommendations on it.  I’ve already plowed through a few of them.

Suggested Reading!!  Thanks, everyone!

Two very lovely nurses (Daytime Sarah and Evening Amy) suggested The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time by Mark Haddon.  (Man, I need to start paying royalties to Wiki.)  It is a story, told from the perspective of a teenage Autistic boy.  I really enjoyed it.  Mostly because I get it.  While Curtis is not Autistic, many of the characthers idiosyncrasies are intimately familiar.  Less drastic, yes, but still familiar.  I’d be curious (ha!) to see what people who do not have experience with Autism/Asperger’s think of the book.  Any takers???

This experience has granted me the chance to do some intense “pleasure” reading.  Prior to Gregory’s dianosis, I was on the “information” war path.  Political, environmental, behavioral, spiritual, developmental.  I couldn’t cram enough information into my head.  It’s so nice to read for fun, not personal/familial development.  While I still enjoy reading those types of books, hopefully I won’t be as obsessive/complusive about it, in the future.  Next up?  Breakfast With Buddha by Roland Merullo.  Another book recommended by Amy and on loan, as well.  Thanks, girlie!  

*sniff*  I smell stinky drawers.  Time to take care of THAT.  ’til later, gotta jet!


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