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Central Line Infection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could sit here and tell you how everything is going good, nothing to worry about, it’s all to be expected, another part of “the experience”………Which would not be false.  It wouldn’t be the whole story.  My perceptions are so … Continue reading

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Gram-Positive, Gram-Negative, Ceftaz, Gent, Vanco…………….

The world of Childhood Cancer, Chemo,CBC’s W/Diff,  ANC’s, Bone Marrow Transplants:  Wait five minutes and it will look completely different.  We have been admitted, as of last night, for at least a two week stay.  Why?  I’ll get there.  Let’s recount … Continue reading

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Counts are dipping. Day +57 post BMT.

What a weird couple of days.  Yesterday was a fantastic day for Gregory.  Filled with laughter, play and just a good day.  No throwing up!!  I think I’ve got the puking under control.  I was giving him his Zofran (anti-nausea) … Continue reading

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There is never enough time for reading.

We are sitting in a freshly scrubbed, somewhat organized home.  The apartment at Ronnie Donnie has nothing but hardwood floors.  Which is totally awesome, but not to great for chillin’ on the floor.  We could leave the sofa bed out, but … Continue reading

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Finally, time to post in peace.

There is something to be said for doing nothing.  Well, at least not leaving the “house”.  We veged today and settled in.  I still have a ton of organizing and unpacking yet to do, but it’s all good.  One thing … Continue reading

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I’m so vain….

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A whole lotta stuff.

I’ve been sitting here trying to decide where to start. Cannot think of a good place, so I’m just diving in. I hope you can keep it all straight. Please ask if it gets confusing.We have been discharged as of … Continue reading

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