Big day, today. Big. Huge. Buge? or Hig?

Another one bites the dust. Another day, that is. Yesterday was filled with Nana, Papa, a shower for me, food and planning for today. We had a bit of a IV pump issue around 5:30. Needless to say, the beeping and activity, while quite a small event, prevented either of us getting any further sleep. I think I slept 3 hours. *shrug* I’ll make it up.

Monday’s Counts: Platelets ~ 18, Hematocrit ~ 40, ANC ~ 128, Weight ~ 13.7

Still hanging in there. ANC dipped a bit. Dr B was on staff today, this was her last day. I received some clarification regarding getting an nG Tube in Gregory. Let’s see if I can articulate: GVH is commonly seen in the GI Tract. Gregory had an acute GVH skin rash. Treated. Under contol. His chemo was so heavy duty that he could possibly still be having troubles eating due to his Chemo. Or it could be GVH. There is an option to due a scope to check out his GI Tract, but it could be chemo related, not GVH. Chemo GI just needs to rest and heal. GVH can be helped. The key to helping get this figured out is to get him on feeds. Hence, the placement of the nG. I’m not sure exactly WHAT is put through the tube, but it is kind of like PediaSure. A meal replacement in liquid form. His BMA is “due” on day 28. We are at day 26, today. I asked that we move the BMA up a few days. There was absolutely not a moment of hesitation. It was met with a resounding “SURE!”. Thank you!! We were able to get it scheduled for TODAY!

Today’s agenda:
Bone Marrow Aspiration
Bone Marrow Biopsy
Skin Biopsy
nG Tube Placement
Dressing Change

Oh yeah, platelets, too. Gotta have some before procedures. Today is a big day, folks. We will have an idea of how well Gregory’s new marrow is working and if any of his original marrow remains. Including a major step towards out-patient. The skin biopsy is simply to confirm the presence of GVH.

Yesterday Gregory was more than ready to crash, early. We hunkered down and both or us fell asleep by 9:00. He is still crashed, but I’m well rested and quite frankly anxious. Now. There’s a book title. Quite Frankly, Anxious

Here’s my plea: Healthy, productive, NEW Gregory Marrow. That Gregory makes quick peace with his nG Tube.

Realistically, I don’t expect to be ready to post full results until FRIDAY.  We should have some answers before then, but I NEED to process through them before I get them out.  They need to be put down coherently and as well informed, as is possible. 

*totally unrelated. Over the years I’ve always liked Billy Joel. When I was a kid we had “Glass Houses”. Vinyl. I vividly remember that album. Never spent much attention on his music. What a mistake. Discovering music is like meeting new people. Forming new relationships. I downloaded Glass Houses, An Innocent Man and Piano Man. A little folk, some of it reminiscent of ’50’s, BRASS!, acoustic, divinely lyrical and melodic. Story telling. *sigh* I think I’m falling in love. (Yes, Diane M. I still think of you every time I hear Billy. ♥  I guarantee you are no longer sleeping with the television on.)


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