Yeah baby, yeah!

While Gergory’s ANC is taking small steps, there is a significant trend. His platelets and Hematocrit have been stable. I had to look back through my records, but he has not received Red Cells since June 28 and Platelets since June 30. This is big news. Not only is he not ferociously chewing through platelets and red cells, he seems to be quite stable. Which could indicate that he is producing some of these. Not enough to be transfusion free, but enough to begin to spread out his transfusions. There has also been a suggestion that his ANC (which is comprised of all the white cells, which help “stuff’ to heal) could be madly repairing anything in his body that needs repair. Which could be why his ANC has been so pokey. So. There’s that.

We have had some sucess at getting him to eat. At least a tiny bit. It is going to take time. The Lipid portion of his TPN was discontinued, today. We are hoping that it will stimulate MORE of an appitite. His antiemetics and morphine are continuing to be decreased. He is handling it well, too. He is starting to lose the fluid that was retained from chemo. He is handling the Foscarnet, well.

Our new attending offically started. We discussed the nG tube/Bone Marrow Aspiration thing and there was no hesitation. The nG will be placed while he is sedated for his BMA. Whew! While I was prepared to go the the mat on this, I am really glad I don’t have to. I’ll save it for later, thank you very much. I do sincerely appreciate all the support on this, though. Especially you, Erica. Sounds like you have a story to tell and I would love to share it with you. Over a beer sounds divine. Maybe. Someday. I have a feeling that you and Niki will forever be a part of our lives. Thank the blazes for the internet. I cannot imagine how families used to get through what they did. I am so grateful to have met the two of you.

The last two days have been outstanding. We have had visitors, smiles, grins, giggling, goofiness, gifts and goodness. With a decent helping of sadness and tears, provided courtesy of Prednisone.

Amalie (Steve, too.): Thank you so much for stopping by. Also for the reminders of HomeHome. The new Newspaper format is weird. Thank you for providing me time to step out of our current “world” and chat about other stuff. It gave my brain a chance to flex in a different direction. ♥  I meant to ask Steve if he found any jewels at Sonic Boom!!!  Travel safe and enjoy your time

Since Friday was the official holiday, the last three days have certainly been a bit festive and celebratory.  As much as they can be.  Last night was rather adventurous.  Our charge nurse Lisa, who is awesomesauce, (she’s from Boston, has the accent and the attitude to prove it to.  I LOVE IT!) snuck Gregory, myself, my dad, Victoria and her dad out to see the fireworks.  It was quite the event.  We are not supposed to be around people.  The hospital opened up the deck on the fifth floor for parents/patients to see the fireworks.  Well.  Too many people for us to be around, so we snuck out to the first floor entrance.  Lisa was the advance team who kept a look out for people.  Making sure we had a wide berth and no one got too close.  The first floor was starting to turn out like a bust.  There were rumors that the city had planned on not having the fireworks from Lake Union.  Which were the ones we would have been able to see.  We waited.  We waited.  We decided to give the fifth floor a try.  Maybe we could see the Space Needle ones from there.  We high-tailed it up and found a very discreet corner for us to be protected.  Lisa, meanwhile, is madly trying to get the lights dimmed so we can see out the windows.  ‘Ya know.  Reflections and all.  She is getting more and more frustrated ’cause no one is answering their phones.  The fireworks start.  There happened to be a TV right next to us, so V’s dad found the fireworks on and we could listen to them, too.  They were OK.  Nothing spectacular.  They end and the TV tells us that we just finished seeing Bellevue/Kirkland fireworks and that Lake Union has yet to start.  *forehead slap*  No wonder they were so hum-drum.  The Lake Union one start and they are hard to see.  We decide to make a mad dash for the first floor.  Remember this, V is in a wheel chair, they both have these massive IV poles.  Loaded down with pumps and infusers, TPN and meds.  They are awfully top heavy, too.  We are all trying to navigate changes in flooring, seams, elevator entrances, people.  The hallway to the elevator is rather narrow and Lisa is ahead of us.  Several times she has here hand out in front of here exclaiming (strong word, kinda.  Sorta.  Not really.)  “I need to you stay away.  My kids have no ANC.  I need you to back away.”  Totally being the ANC police.  We make it down to the first floor and the view is perfection.  Several years ago, Lisa had the groundskeepers trim down all the foliage/trees that would otherwise have blocked the view.  She keeps on eye on it every year and has it trimmed, when needed.  Fireworks for her BMT kids is pretty important.  Gregory was none to impressed by it, but the whole experienced was fun.  I couldn’t help but feel a little bit like Austin Powers on a covert operation.

My mom was here, today, by 10:00 and her and dad hung out all day.

A fantabulous, long time, practically family-family, The Meany’s, stopped by to see us, today.  It was great to just sit around and shoot the breeze with them.  I love you guys.  Miss you, too.  Next summer?  Another trip to the water, eh?

The Greginator’s People ~ Gregory so loves opening his own mail.  You should see the grins.  Priceless.  Thank you.

Much love, hugs and thank you’s to every single one of you.  Far and wide.  ’til later, gotta jet.

Fireworks Expedition


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