Still afebrile!

We have yet to have rounds, I was up early so here’s a quick run down.
Gregory had a pretty great day, yesterday.  NO FEVERS!  It’s pretty clear to me that they were GVH/Engraftment related.  Which makes me a little nervous.  I know I can’t think ahead, but I’m a little concerned at what we have to deal with once we start weaning him off the Prednisone and the Tacrolimus.  I’m not obsessing over it, I’m just anxious.  His blood pressure is still showing elevated.  It is being treated with Hydralazine on a PRN basis.  Once they determine what his needs are, they will start him on a longer lasting med at the correct dosage. 

His Glucose seems to be under control.  Last nights check was 92 and this mornings was 84.  Insulin isn’t administered (this is as of yet unconfirmed by a provider) until he gets around 200.  Hopefully we won’t see numbers like that.  Not that it would be bad, I just hate to see yet another med added to his schedule. 

I found out yesterday that the Malphalan (Chemo) that he received is not yet done with it’s side effects.  They had mentioned that his skin would peel, like a sunburn, and it hasn’t, yet.  I thought we were past that point.  We are not.  We still have that to look forward  (?) to.

More later, after rounds.  ’til later, gotta jet.

Foscarnet in t-minus 37 minutes.  *be well, kidneys!  be well*


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