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TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

We are aiming for transition to out-patient on Sunday. Counts:Tuesday, July 28:  Platelets ~ 138, Hematocrit ~ 25, ANC ~ 1608, Weight ~ 12.8KHighlights with the OffSpring (or OddSpring, Freudian texting?):Sunday, arrival and overwhelming, OMG I have three kids and they … Continue reading

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Fly by. We are doing well.

Counts:Sunday July 26, Platelets ~ 148, Hematocrit ~ 27, ANC  ~ 1493, Weight ~ 13.1 I’ve been hesitant to post.  We have had a few really rough nights, followed by better and better nights.  Whenever I talk about Gregory’s current … Continue reading

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Happily ever after? Certainly.

Counts:Thursday, July 23: Platelets ~ 100, Hematocrit ~ 25, ANC ~ 1709, Weight ~ 13.2Friday, July 24:  Platelets ~ 123, Hematocrit ~ 26, ANC ~ 1307, Weight ~ 13.1I have attempted to make this entry several times, today.  Meanwhile, every … Continue reading

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Tuesday’s Counts, July 21:  Platelets ~ 93, Hematocrit ~ 29,  ANC ~ 1265, Weight ~ 12.9Honestly?  It’s more of the same, around here.  We did a trial run, the other night, of Bennedryl every three hours and Hydroxizine, each one … Continue reading

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Note to self: Let It Be

I have been fighting with myself, lately.  Having a day of being OK with the prospect of still being in-patient.  Having a day of being frustrated with STILL being in-patient.  I’ve been trying to make myself decide which state of … Continue reading

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Day 69 in Seattle, Day 48 In-Patient, Day 38 Post-Transplant, Day 10 of BK Virus

Today’s counts: Platelets ~ 86, Hematocrit ~ 29, ANC ~ 1863, Weight ~ 13.5 Holy cow, you guys! After a very difficult night, we had an awesome day today! For the last few days, Gregory’s symptoms seemed to be getting … Continue reading

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I don’t wanna.

I don’t wanna.  Counts, shmounts.  I don’t wanna write about anc’s, platelets and hematocrit.  Blood pressure, temperatures, respiratory rates, beats per minute.  Nausea, urine output, number of stools, hem positive, coag negative.  Logging every little bite and slurp that passes … Continue reading

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