Day 14 of Fevers

Let’s see if I can get this out in a timely manner……

Yesterday, Sunday June 28, 2009

Counts:  Platelets ~ 12, Hematocrit ~ 29, ANC ~ Zero, Weight ~ 13.9
We had another day of Platelets, a whole unit of red cells and frequent spikey fevers.  For the second day he woke up to a high fever and heaving.  He did start to shiver and chill, later on, with a fever spike and received Demerol.  Papa was here for a large part of the day and was able to play with him and received quite a few giggles and smiles.  There was also a spontaneous tricycle ride.  It was only about 30 feet, and it absolutely wiped him out.  He started to chill right after the ride.  Gregory is so incredibly weak, right now.  The fevers combined with the work that his body is doing is tapping him out.  He is more interactive, now, though.  At least when he is awake.
I’ve been having a really hard time trying to knit.  I cannot settle on a project!  I’ve started and frogged so many items.  I’ve been wanting to make myself a Wonderful Wallaby and replace Gregory’s.  I am so in love with that pattern.  I’m half tempted to run out and get what I need, but I think I may wait until we are out-patient.  I do know this.  I am sticking with Cascade 220 for a while.  I’ve tried several different yarns lately and I’m just not feeling the Knitting Zen Love.  Cascade 220 is so lovely.
Counts: Platelets ~ 12, Hematocrit ~ 38, ANC ~ 88, Weight ~ 14.3
Yes, you read that correctly!!!  We have an ANC of 88, today!!  He did wake up with a fever and heaving, again.  We have added scheduled BenRag to his meds.  Which is another antiemetic.  We are officially up to three antiemetics.  He also heaved with an afternoon fever spike, yesterday.  I’m hoping this will really help him out.  If nothing else the Benadryl part helps him to get his rest.  He received a dose about an hour ago and sleeping very soundly.  He also woke up with a GVH rash.  Which is normal and expected.  He will also have steroids added to his meds, today.  To help with the GVH  rash.  Currently he has it all over his body, to varying degrees.  His back, trunk and legs are affected the most.
Not much else to report.  June is almost over and we are one day closer to HomeHome.  Love to you all.  ’til later, gotta jet!

Music:Democracy Now!June 29, 2009.  Day +18 ~ ANC of 88


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