Whoa. A little picture heavy!

Boy did we have a weird day. After sleeping for most of Friday, Gregory woke up at 7:00, ready to be fully awake. Shortly after waking up he spiked a rather high fever, super fast. 39+ C (102+ F). Everything was going ok.

Counts: Platelets ~ 24, Hematocrit ~ 33, ANC ~ Zero, Weight ~ 13.6K

His platelets were ordered early. When he hit the high temp, he also heaved. Platelets showed up around 10:00 and were started. They were almost finish transfusing and he started to shiver with the chills. His hands were cold and his skin was mottled. His blood pressure also went up. It was 128/77. They like anything below 125/75. I guess those are signs of spiking a high fever. Platelets were stopped. They administered Tylenol. Since he was receiving platelets at the same time, they also thought that it could have been a transfusion reaction. It was quite the flurry of activity. They did blood cultures and a vial of blood. The vial was sent off to test if it truly was a transfusion reaction. They also requested a urine sample. He was given Benedryl, in case it was a normal “reaction” to blood products. He was given Demoral to combat the chills. Needless to say he very quickly went off to slumber land. Watching him konk out was kinda amusing. He was fighting valiantly to stay awake. It was almost like watching him be sedated. One moment he was awake and the next he just leaned over and was OUT. The platelets were sent back to the blood bank to be tested for various stuff that might cause this kind of reaction. Everything came back negative. It’s the general consensus that his spiking a fever just happened to coincide with the transfusion. The only down part is that he may now be pre-medicated before transfusions. With Benedryl. Not really a big deal, just a bummer.

He slept for several hours and around 6:00 he started to chill, had cold hands and mottled skin. The PA was called in again. Luckily his symptoms quieted down on their own and his fever didn’t spike as fast, but it did go to 39.3 C. Demerol did not need to be given. Whew. It’s been a few days since he spiked so frequently so they added another antibiotic. Gentamicin. Which he now gets 3x/day. They are thinking that these fever spikes are related to engraftment, at this stage of the game. The antibiotic is once again, just in case. You can NOT be too safe. He had some Tylenol and seemed to get out of that one, pretty well. He’s been up since then, it’s now 12:10am and he is still awake. No suprise, really. Two days of sleeping ALL day will through off your schedule. His temp is up, but not Feverish. He is creeping there this time, not slamming into a fever.

We had a visitor today, too. Montessori Lori stopped by to visit and bring Candlelighter goodies. Lori, Thank you for stopping by. It’s so great to see faces from HomeHome. Also to chat about “regular” stuff. Miss Mary Anne!!! Thank you so much for the craft goodies, the books and THE T-SHIRTS!!!! They are awesome. Can’t wait to wear mine, tomorrow. Hmmmm. Wait. Maybe I’ll wear it on Monday. It will get more visiblity. ‘Cause you know, our Candlelighter’s of the Inland Northwest RAWKS!!!. (The new web site is beautiful, BTW.) Thank you, too for sending so many beads. We have reached the point where I need to turn it into a double strand. Seattle Children’s requires all parents/caregivers to wear an ID badge, at all times. Except in the patient room. It’s this bright orange thing with Patient/Caregiver written all over it. I turned the bead necklace into a very fashionable lanyard. It’s quite the conversation piece, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Candlelighter's Bead Lanyard

Just for fun. The morning that we had our first ANC numbers I took this picture. Gregory had not yet woken up. Those are his labs, reflecting the ANC on his chest. Yes, I am a dork.
First ANC 14 ~ Fri June 26, 2009

Also, these little shoes have caused so much conversation. When we knew Gregory was going to be spending a great deal of time in the hospital and housebound, I dreamed of Robeez to fit him. They are the greatest hospital shoes. They are lightweight, soft, won’t come off and prevent socks from being kicked off, too. You can imagine my surprise when I went to their website and discovered that they came in his size. Know what else? They also come a size LARGER!! I love these shoes!!!
The Pirate Robeez

The day the kids left for HomeHome. Man, trying to get all three OffSpring to cooperate for a picture is near to impossible. Can you see the frustration on my face? I certainly can.
Pix with three kids?  Impossible

To those of you with slow internet connections, I am so sorry.  I got a little picture crazy.  Cross your fingers for counts, soon and relief from these darn fevers.  I’m gonna go and try to convince Gregory to drift off to slumber land.  ’til later, Gotta Jet.

Music:Mickey’s Clubhouse


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