Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is why I try and post daily.  I’m having troubles remember yesterday’s events!  

Thursday, June 25, 2009.  No Counts.  Platelets ~ 35, Hematocrit ~ 28, Weight 13.7
We woke up to no counts.  No big deal, really.  I was not expecting anything at day 14.  His platelets held so well, due to his fevers being less frequent and lower.  He did receive nearly a unit of Red Cells.  The siblings and Mom hung out with us all day.  Curtis and AnnMarie and I grabbed lunch at the cafeteria, regardless of how good/bad the food is, for some reason they LOVE eating in cafeterias.  I think it’s the ability to choose at random.  Gregory needed a bath after his blood was done transfusing so we headed off to Magnuson Park for a while.

The weather was amazing when we got there.  The temperature was perfect and the sky was stunning.  It was filled with those clouds that are dark gray on the bottom, flat.  Like they are lying on a piece of glass, with great white puffiness above.  This park is on the water and is filled with all kinds of wildish greenery.  Trees, bushes, grasses and flowers.  Just breathtaking, really.  I sat there are truly watched my older OffSpring at play.  They are so different.  Curtis dives into the playground and is magnetically drawn to kids.  He careens into their play and begins a conversation as if he has been there all along.  It’s always with kids that are younger than him, too.  He also gravitates to kids who are a little left of center.  It really is amazing to watch the beautiful akwardness that happens.  He manages to jump into whatever play is occuring and ask some really interesting conversations.  He usually bares his soul, tells them all about what is happening in his life, at that moment.  It’s great when kids hang out long enough with him to have conversations and play.  At departure he always tries to secure a future time that they will see each other.  Regardless of where we are, or the likelyhood of it ever happening.  Meanwhile AnnMarie…….  She quietly scans the playground, usually with her hands behind her back, looking for an opportunity to meet someone.  She quietly approaches someone, usually just a single player, starts to play side-by-side and starts a casual conversation.  It florishes from there.  When it’s time to depart, she offers kinds thank you’s and nice to meet you’s.

We returned to the hospital for Gregory’s bath and everyone got to see the nakey tricycle riding.   

After the bath, Curtis, AnnMarie and I headed over to the apartment for dinner.  A friend of a friend (Seattle April, ’cause I know an April in Spokane.  *waves to both of you*) made our family a home cooked meal.  OMG!!  Super Cheesey Lasagna, Yummy Salad, Garlic Bread and a bottle of wine for ME!!!!  It was another evening of semi-normalcy.  I got to take a relaxing shower, while the lasgna cooked and we all sat down together for a delicious meal that we all scarfed.  Seattle April:  The kids LOVED it.  Thank you.  Also, thanks for the little goodies, too.  The card was perfect.  Everyone can use a litlle groove, from time to time. 

I’ve been trying to get this entry out since 9:30 last night.  I’m going to put Friday’s event in a separate entry.  It’s worthy of it’s own.  ’til later, gotta jet.


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