Still Feverish.

Gregory is still feverish.  (I feel like I’m watching Zaboomafoo when I say that word.  Like Zaboo is talking about being Feverish)

Still unsure of the cause.  They have pretty much ruled out VOD, at least for now.  Which is a huge relief.  I think we are in Day 3 of Feverish.  His Morphine was upped again, today.  Which made a huge improvement for him.  He was up and “active” for several hours today.  Even taking sips of water and juice.  Despite a fever and mucositis and everything else.  His heart rate is still high, currently 175, with a 38.9 C (102 F) temp.  His heart rate goes up along with his fever.  When his rate starts climbing about 185, he’s getting hot.

I have more, but I  just don’t have the  energy, for now.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some down time.  Today I used it to run a few errands and we took a two hour nap together.  ’til later, gotta jet.  I’m gonna get some z’s.


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One Response to Still Feverish.

  1. Josiane says:

    niya christine Darrelyn, wecmloe!I did see some stunning, mouth watering photos of your farm. OMG!!!! So beautiful. I think you might enjoy the Houses Horses theme coming up late summer, early fall. I’m SO happy you are here. Welcome!

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