He is simply febrile. *crosses fingers*

Gregory has been feverish since 12:30 yesterday. Bouncing between 101.8 & 104.4.

This mornings counts: HCT ~ 25, Platelets ~ 12, ANC & White count still nonexistent. This mornings weight, 13.3 K.

Fever. There are four reasons he could be febrile.

  1. He is simply febrile. *crosses fingers*
  2. GVH
  3. Infection
  4. Veno-Occlusive Disease

They added another antibiotic and more blood cultures were obtained. He received platelets, this morning. He is currently receiving blood.*

Weight retention/gain. An indication of VOD is weight gain. Gregory’s weight is up and his urine output is down. Which is not to say he has VOD. After platelets, this morning, he received Lasix (Did you know that Lasix is named as such because it Lasts Six Hours???) Shortly thereafter he did start peeing. A lot. I’m not sure exactly what that tells us, but at least he is peeing.

He received his Methotrexate and his Morphine dose was raised. He has a couple sores in his mouth and he said that they hurt. Today’s Methotrexate is going to do a number on his Mucositis, so it is good to get him on a better playing field.

I posted more pix over at Flickr. Fair warning: From this point forward, at least for a little while, the pictures might be hard to look at. Yet, they speak his truth and his Odyssey.
What a difference a day makes.

*Interesting:  Due to Gregory’s size he doesn’t take a full unit of Red Cells.  Since he will be receiving blood frequently, they split it into four, transfuse two and keep the other two for later.  They are good for three days.  Which also means that we don’t need a type and cross, nor do we have the 3-4 hour wait to receive the blood products.  Cool, huh? 


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