Me no dum-dum, you dum-dum. Bring me gum-gum?

Gregory’s counts are finally (as if it’s been forever, it just feels like longer) taking a hit. Except for his HCT. I spoke with the doc today, and I guess he DID received Red Blood Cells in his Stem Cell Transplant. Which is why his HCT and Red Cells are so high.

Today: HCT ~ 35, Platelets ~ 14, White ~ 0.4, ANC ~ 388 (Still has all his hair. Just a status report.)

It’s wild to look down his labs and see a bunch of Zeros. Which is the idea, remember. Once we hit rock bottom, they will “rescue” him with transfusions. I guess they use nothing but O type blood at that point. I haven’t asked, yet, but my best guess would be that you could type it and see how much is from transfusion and how much he is producing. Which I find quite clever.

Considering that his ANC is so low, they started him on an anitbiotic. 3x/day He was also started on a 24hr/day Morphine drip. There are eight locations for Gregory to recieve some kind of med/TPN/blood product, on his IV. They are all quite active. There is only one slot that is quiet. That won’t last long, though. It’s available for blood products. Greogory will be tearing through those, pretty soon.

I still can't get over his IV pole.

Today was his second dose of Methotrexate, too.  Two more to go. 

His Mucositis is progressing.  Why all the info about it.  ‘Cause it’s really bad news.  Check the link.  Yes, Gregory had Melphalan as part of his Chemo.  For posterity, the mucositis is affecting his bodily functions.  He is now wearing diapers 24/7 (they are adjustable at the waist for comfort and irritation/itch releif).  We are using two barrier creams.  I never thought I would ever be using diaper creams on any of my children, again.  He is handling it SOOOOOOOO well.  The hourly bathroom trips are getting tiring, though.  He continues to itch and it seems as if it is migrating along with the progression of his skin’s reaction to the Melphalan.  The first areas to turn red and itch were the scalp and groin.  They are beginning to flake and peel off.  I now have an idea of what it might look like, on the rest of his body.  The itch has migrated to his anus (there really is not delicate way to put this).  I will be so releived when it passes.  He is on benedryl every four hours and at the end of a four hour dose, he is READY for the next one. 

He slept for most of the day, today.  He perked up around 3:30 and crashed at 11:30.  Our sleep cycles are going to be so messed up. 

We don’t have any company tomorrow and I am looking forward to crashing with Gregory for a couple power naps.  Not that I couldn’t nap with Mom or Dad here, I just can do it w/o a second thought.

I have a plea.  If there is anyone local who could find something for me I would LOVE you for it.  Gregory would, too.  He has not/will not be eating/drinking for a while.  Yet he loves lollipops.  I was thinking that a bag of Dum-Dums would be awesome for him.  They are small and come in LOTS of flavors.  If someone could find a bag and swing it by the hospital, it would be fantastic.  I can run close errands, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving for more than an hour at a time. 

I have plenty more rolling around in my brain, but I’m gonna git.  I’m a little tired.  ’til later, gotta jet.


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