A whole lot o’ nothin’

What a great, lazy day. 

All in all, Gregory was kept comfortable and mostly sleeping today via “Greater living through chemistry”  (thanks, Tana).   The antiemetics, Morphine and Benedryl kept him asleep, most of the day.  Which is good, cause he really needs his rest, for now.

For the record:  Counts: HCT ~ 37, Platelets ~ 25, White ~ 1.3, ANC  ~  1274

It’s been a day of general housekeeping.  Shower &  laundry.  A few errands.  I finally hit the local hardware store and picked up a step stool for Gregory.  These beds are so high off the ground, that he cannot get in and out of bed without help.  Even when he is feeling well.  While he is not too motivated to get up and down by himself, for now, the time will come when he can and the extra little bit of activity will do him good.  It will also be serviceable once we get to the BMT apartment, too, and at home.  I’ve been racking my brain, trying to figure out why the hospital doesn’t offer something like this.  Then it dawned on me that it is probably due to liability.  What if he fell, using a piece of their equipment?  I get it.  Yet it is a great piece to use for physical therapy and autonomy.  I was going to hit a store on the other side of the U-district today.  I was approaching 45th and there was a huge sign on the sidewalk,   “UW Commencement 11am-6pm.  Expect delays”  I’m really grateful that they posted this sign.  Getting caught up in that mess would have been………… *shiver*

It’s been super quiet down at our cluster.  It holds five patients and there are currently three.  Only one nurse, too.  *crickets chirping*

I have a feeling that Gregory’s mucositis is quickly traveling up his throat and into his mouth.  He has been swallowing like it hurts, ‘ya know the grimace.  His saliva is also getting thicker.  I need to pick up a bag of those small dum-dum lollipops.  He is not hungry, but I think he wants some flavor.  I picked up a few lollipops from the Tulley’s downstairs and they are a hit.  I’m thinking lots of flavors to choose from would be the ticket.

I keep waiting for his hair to fall out.  I know it will happen.  I’m just anxious about it. 

Well, gotta go snuggle with the munchkin.  ’til later, gotta jet.


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