Gregory is doing great!

I have you all trained so well!!! Sorry for not posting last night! The previous 24 hours were filled with so much excitement and nervousness, I slept so very little. When sleep overcame Gregory, about 11:00 last night, I made the decision to join him and we slept until 8:00 this morning. Much needed.

Things are still going quite well. I will post a proper update, later. After two antiemetics and a little morphine, Gregory and I are currently playing with a letter matching game, on the floor.

Please, do not assume that no news is bad news. While I have been trying to keep to a routine, we are now at the point where routine is going out the window.

I need to get back on the floor/mat with The Greginator! Hugs, kisses, love, peace and light to you all!!!!! Gregory is well. ♥


About Mindi Finch

Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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