June 11, 2009

Gregory is starting to slide. Which is expected. Today was a roller coaster, but it was a very gentle ride. More like rolling Palouse Country hills. It was a day of quietly sitting, happily playing, just about drifting off to sleep. Of course this was after his 02:30 & 08:00 heaving episodes. What would we do without antiemetics??? Today is Nana’s birthday. While we did not celebrate in a big way, Dad did come down from Bellingham and we had Strawberry Shortcake Cake. Gregory kept asking me where Nana’s present was! All holiday/special occasions are kinda on hold, for now. Please don’t be offended if I forget to wish anyone happines for a special occasion. Do know that I haven’t forgotten and you are never far from my thoughs. Truly. I’ve been thinking about what it might be like to try and return to life in Spokane. It’s gonna be weird and there will certainly be an adjustment period.

A Little Come Hither.

We received word on WHEN. Transplant will be EARLY Thursday morning. As in not long after midnight. He will hopefully sleep through it. There are some common side effects, high blood pressure, being one of them. JUNE 11, 2009 A new chapter for The Greginator and our family. It takes about 3-4 hours to transfuse.

Today’s counts: HCT ~ 30, White ~ 3.9, Platelets ~ 23, ANC ~ 3822

I should mention. When Gregory’s platelets hit 9 last week, he had a ton of petechia. Mostly from the waist up. When you are looking through the pictures, he does not have a rash, nor is he injured. It is all petechia. A result of low platelets.

I need to start journaling more closer to the moments. There are a ton more things that I would like to get out, but they are just not easily surfacing.

One more day. Pinch me please.


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