Are you sure he’s getting Hard Core Chemo?

Yet another, blissfully uneventful day!!!!!!!!! Melphalan was started at 10:15 and was done by 10:45. They mix it here at the pharmacy and it has a very short shelf life. It must be infused (to completion) within one hour. Wild. Despite the fact that Gregory’s conditioning protocol is awfully grueling, he has done so well. Awesome to be exact. He experienced a little “down” time, early afternoon, but did not need to take a nap, nor did he heave. His team is quite impressed with how well he’s handled this part. Gregory’s a Rock Star. Plain and simple.

Still perfectly precious.
Starting to look like Chemo.....

Today’s counts:  HCT ~ 30, White ~ 3.6, Platelets ~ 22, ANC ~ 2880  I will probably laminate and frame his first completely “normal” blood results………

Tomorrow is a day of rest.  Yay!!  Hyperhydration will stop tomorrow, too.  Yay!!  Hopefully fewer middle of the night trips to the bathroom!!  While the action of getting him there is really no big deal, it’s the mood it puts him in that I don’t like. 

Randomness:  The greatest things ever invented (at least for now):  Yoga pants, hoodies, Keens & funky bandanas.  Despite the fact that it’s been extremely, unseasonable warm here, pants are most comfortable for inside.  I feel like I’m living in my jammies and it is so comfy.  I have blue jeans, but come on!  Comfort is where it’s at. 

I’m a little anxious.  Waiting for “the icky” stuff to start.  ‘Cause it is coming.  Amazingly enough, I  have absolutely no anxiety over the arrival of his Donor Cells.  None.  They will be here and they will be one of the most beautiful things I will ever see.

Huge thank you’s to anyone who sent silent thoughts to Parker Brown.  HE IS NOT RELAPSING!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying and surviving the end-of-the-school-year craziness!!  You are all in my heart and thoughts.  Lots of big milestones are happening.  Lots of changes, challenges and opportunites. 

Signing off, for now.  More later, gotta jet.


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