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Just another day at the BMT unit. Really, it is.

Good day, everyone.  Another 24 hour whirlwind of activity.   Counts:  Platelets ~ 9, Hematocrit ~ 40, ANC  ~ 109, Weight ~ 14.3   Gregory slept for a good portion of yesterday.  We had a few hours, late in the … Continue reading

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Day 14 of Fevers

Let’s see if I can get this out in a timely manner…… Yesterday, Sunday June 28, 2009 Counts:  Platelets ~ 12, Hematocrit ~ 29, ANC ~ Zero, Weight ~ 13.9 We had another day of Platelets, a whole unit of … Continue reading

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Whoa. A little picture heavy!

Boy did we have a weird day. After sleeping for most of Friday, Gregory woke up at 7:00, ready to be fully awake. Shortly after waking up he spiked a rather high fever, super fast. 39+ C (102+ F). Everything … Continue reading

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Friday. June 26, 2009 ANC & Other Stuff

Yes.  The big news of the day is the arrival of proof of new cell growth. Gregory has decided to quit using the potty.  Which is totally OK and somewhat expected.  The benefit to this is that we both receive better sleep.  … Continue reading

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is why I try and post daily.  I’m having troubles remember yesterday’s events!   Thursday, June 25, 2009.  No Counts.  Platelets ~ 35, Hematocrit ~ 28, Weight 13.7We woke up to no counts.  No big deal, really.  I was … Continue reading

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We have an ANC!! 14. Update later!

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Super short, not very sweet.

Too late to write much.  My picture uploading was behind.  I did that instead.  Will catch up later.  We do not have any counts, yet.  Good night.

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