Another pretty decent day.  Gregory and I slept in, ate &  showered.  Dad showed up around 2:00.  He picked up a remote controlled car for Gregory.  Perfect item for him.  He and Papa have been having a ball with it.  We decided to get out for a little bit and went down to Magnuson Park.   We didn’t take much time to explore it, but it’s pretty neat.  Gregory had a chance to run his RC car with not risk of hitting anything.  We then tried to find the waterfront.  Gregory asked me to carry him and I knew he was serious when he agreed to be carried in the Hip Hammock.  He snuggled down and we explored a little.  This park is huge.  It was once a naval facility.  We could not find a way to the water, but I have plenty of time.  I just wanted to get him out and see something different. 

I really don’t have much else to get down.  I’m just so full of stuff.  I’m clogged and just trying to calmly get to Monday at 4:00.  I even called the hospital today to “confirm our reservation”.  I do not want to face a glitch.  Not that there won’t be any, I’m just being a control freak. 

I’m gonna go do somthing else.  I’ll have plenty more during the next week.  I’ll have started the real Odyssey and won’t have this weird, spacy feeling.  ’til later, gotta jet.

ETA:  Much better reference for Warren G Magnuson Park


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