All hail Emm?

More of the same.  Enjoying every moment. 

Dressing change today.  Man, did they do a number on Gregory’s little chest.  He has a 4″x4″ area on his upper left chest that is a huge green bruise.  Also, that sixth wound I thought I found?  It’s another hematoma.  It’s healing, too.  Daily dressing changes have also made his chest so tender, red and raw.  Thankfully we have the go ahead to dress it with tegaderm, like normal and go back to weekly dressing changes.  Whew!  At least he will have seven days to heal his surrounding skin. 

We don’t have anywhere to be, tomorrow.  Another precious day to be together, before it gets crazy.  Tonight we watched the Men In Black movies.  I love, love, love, love, love these movies.  Here’s my FAVORITE scene. 

I have some paperwork to do tomorrow along with some general record keeping and correspondence.  Gotta get it done!  I’m supposed to be logging his daily intake of food and fluids.  Haven’t been doing it.  It’s been very little, though, which is really do different than normal. 

Not much else, guys.  ’til later, gotta jet.


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