This is all you get, tonight.

Tonight’s therapy brought to you by “Sticks ‘n String”.

AnnMarie’s sweater is finished. I just need to wash and block it. Don’t tell her, though. I haven’t told her, yet. I cannot wait to get it to her.

I’m now working on a Chemo hat for Gregory. Even though we will be in-patient most of the time, they keep the place pretty cool. I have tried several times to get a Chemo hat finished for him and I haven’t been able to. I’ve frogged about three attempts. I have a feeling that it is some sub-conscious refusal to accept what I was making and who I was making it for. Gregory and I managed to hit a Local Yarn Shop the other day and HE picked out this yarn. Wanna know what colors? Solid Red & Solid Evergreen. Looks like we will have Christmas in June in more ways than one.

I’ll catch up on today’s events later. My knitting is calling me and I need to answer. ’til later, gotta jet.


About Mindi Finch

Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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