Sunshiine & Green

My belly is full, Gregory is happy and comfortable, my knitting fix is happily fulfilled and De-Lovely is playing.  Things could be a heck of alot worse.

Yesterday Gregory had a dressing change.  When they bandaged him up in the O.R. they placed a biopatch and Tegaderm dressing.  Not a good idea.  It was a major pain to get off.  The nurse and I had to both work to get it off safely and with the least amount of stress to Gregory.  Thankfully, Christa from Child Life was available to help distract him.  We came home with a simple tape and gauze dressing.  With directions to watch this sites for oozing.  It would indicate that his platelets were too low. 

He is doing amazingly well for having five healing incisions.  Yeah, we found another site upon removing his dressings.  My therory is that they were going to place the exit somewhere else and then changed the plan.  Can you say connect the dots, when he grows up? 

We slept in today to the incredible hour of 10:00.  Couldn’t quite believe it, but it felt great.  Today we just goofed around, had to go to the grocery store.  The other day Larry had the most brilliant idea of subsituting Gregory’s milk with half and half.  He also reallly likes hot cocoa, we were out, so we picked some up.  Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it?  I’ve gotten a good start to his hat, too.  He informed me tonight, that he wants stripes.  Consider it done, young man.

I tell you, I love kids.  They are so open and honest in their curiosity.  The kids here that are of an age to understand what’s going on with themselves or their siblings, but young enough to not have all the teen angst are the best.  One kid that we met in the kitchen, flat out asked me, “What does your son have?”.  It was so refreshing.  A simple question, asked without all the emotions that we carry as we experience life and the ramifications of other people’s reactions.  I constantly have to remind myself that they way people react to me is so not about me.  It’s a hard thing to remember. 

Today we found a knitting store that is a mere 12 blocks from us and it is heaven.  Their website is so-so, but the store is awesomeness.  It’s called Acorn Street and has the largest selection!!!    The sheer quantity of colors to choose from was baffling.  A HUGE selection of Cascade 220 and true rainbow, wool yarn.  Yummy.

When we had his dressing changed on Friday, I asked for a wound check on Monday.  I don’t think we will need it, but it will be good to double check.  We have counts and an exam on Wednesday.  Data review conference is Thursday.  This is the final rubber stamp for admit and Chemo to begin on June 2.  It’s quickly coming.  Quickly. 

Gregory has had a few homesick moments.  Today he got all choked up and teary over not seeing Dr Reynolds.  Once I explained that we would be seeing him when we were through here, he was totally OK.  He is too young to really explain what’s going on, but old enough to feel it.  We discuss it when he needs to hear it.  Lately he has been really learning his letters.  Some he knows perfectly.  Others are hit and miss.  My favorite is when he spells “STOP”.  Mostly it’s correct, occasionally he says, “Snake-T-O-P”.  It took me a while to figure it out, until he spelled something else with and “S” and said “snake” instead of “S”.  “Snake-T-O-P”.  Well, and “S” does look like a snake.  Creative little turkey.

Curtis and AnnMarie returned from CampOut yesterday and they sounded GREAT.  Tired, excited and full of an amazing experience.  Thank you to each and everyone of you who helped to make their trip a little easier. 

I posted pix of our room to flickr.  This is my favorite spot, though.  Sunshine and Green Foliage.  Windows that open, too.

Wide angle of Sun Bench

I need to get busy and remember to take pix of our surroundings. 

All ye Peds Clinic local yocals.  I am once again reminded of how good we have it in Spokane.  Nothing in particular, just that we have fantastic Providers, Staff, Nurses, Child Life, Candlelighters, Assistants, The Clinic itself and The Unit, etc.  If you get a chance, please thank them for me.  We are so lucky.  I’ve met several families here that have been here going on four years.  FOUR YEARS!  Which makes my four months look like an overnight stay.  Crazy, I tell you. 

That’s about it, for now.  ’til later, Gotta Jet.


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