It’s raining positive juju!

We are getting ready to head to clinic.  I  have two caregiver classes, Gregory has a dental appointment and THE NASAL WASH!  We are manifesting a negative result without any other complications.  Help, please?  Thank you very much!

Yesterday was a big fat nothing.  Felt gooooood.  A few of you have asked if you could send Toy Story stuff.  Sorry I have not had the opportunity to get back with each of you.  Please, certainly send what you might have lying around and are willing to part with.  Multiples are not an issue.  If Gregory gets tired of them, I can always pass them along to another kid who would love and cherish them.  I have updated The Greginator welcome page to reflect our current address.

I can’t remember if I  mentioned this or not, SCCA transfuses blood products at a different level than Spokane.  Gregory doesn’t get platelets until they hit 10  (Saturday they were at 68), with Red blood cells at a hematocrit of 27 (Saturday it was 29).  I have a feeling we will be experiencing a red cell transfusion at SCCA this week.  Maybe even today.  Note to self:  Throw some activities in the car!!!  For both of us!

Well, I need to get the munchin up so we can boogie.  Gotta jet.


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