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What were you doing 29 years ago, today?  Me?  Raking grass clippings with the family, my uncle was over for a visit, watching the black clouds roll in. 

We are home!  I think we have the upset tummy solved.  For now.  I have been pre-dosing him with Zofran.  Then giving him his meds about 45 minutes later.  It seems to be working.  *crosses fingers*  When we got home, he chowed down and drank a ton.  It’s great to see him eating with gusto.

Do you know how wonderful it is to meet people who are open and willing to discuss their Odyssey’s?  It’s pretty rare, I’ll tell you that.  Most folks are quiet, private and guarded.  I get it.  Kinda.  I want to hear, absorb, comfort, share and lift each other.  All experiences are different.  Mostly, the emotions are the same.  I want friendly faces.  Familiar faces.  I have a feeling that my greatest community is going to come from our in-patient stay and the staff at SCCA.  I’m trying to forge those bonds. 

MY CAR ARRIVED TODAY!!!  Dad dropped it off on his way to his job.  I’ve never been happier to see an automobile.  Something that is mine.  Another piece of home and familiarity.  On the way home from the hospital, we located the neighborhood McDonald’s.  Gregory was quite happy to see it. 

We have a day to veg, tomorrow.  Then back to appointments for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Still manifiesting a negative nasal wash for Tuesday. 

Sitting in our hospital room today, I was struck, again, with the overwhelming enormity of what we are doing.  While I plan ahead, I really don’t rely on those plans.  It is literally getting through each moment.  The next vital check.  The next blood count.  The next full day.  When I step back and try to see it in it’s entirety, it takes my breath away.  Living moment to moment is a self preservation mechanism.  I am an upbeat positive person.  I KNOW I can make it through the next hour or two.  Beyond that, my confidence starts to waver.  So I don’t think about it.  Too much.  Unless it is in clinical terms.  This-then-this-then-that………  Being here.  Alone with Gregory, allows me to be clear headed and focused.  Quite frankly, trying to juggle everything at home was doing me in.  I have no idea how Larry is truly holding up.  No matter what, he will buckle down, get the job done and handle the homehome front.  I just hope that our homecoming goes smoothly.  No need to worry about that, yet.  We need to get there, first. 

I spent too much time tonight messing around with GoodReads.  Thanks, Yvonne!!  I am always looking for book recommendations.  If any of you are on it, THIS is me!

Read, knit, movie, sleep????    Not sure, yet.  I am signing off, though.  ’til later, Gotta jet.


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