Getting to know you……

Ummmm.  Outside time and pizza didn’t happen.  Gregory had a belly ache about 11:00, had a zofran and promptly fell asleep.  He slept until about 4:00, had belly cramps, again.  Another Zofran.  Followed by throwing up and belly cramps for the next several hours.  I called the after hours line around 6:15 and we were told to come in.  He had next to nothing to eat/drink all day.  We were coming upon the shift change and they needed to find us a room.  We were told to check in at 8:30.  He was very lethargic and continued to heave.  When we got here, his blood pressure was 98/44.  Awfully low, for him.  He’s had fluids and rest.  He perked up about 45 minutes ago, ate a few Chocolate Teddy Grahams and had some apple juice.  We are still unsure of what is causing his belly troubles.  All tests are coming out negative.  We skipped meds tonight and will have them tomorrow morning.  With a Zofran pre-dose.  I’m hoping that this solves the problem. 

At least we have been able to check out the unit, prior to Chemo/Transplant.  The exciting thing is that we get to hand pick our core nursing staff.  I’ve already met two nurses that I really click with.  We met Lisa last night and she’s pretty awesome sauce.  Our admit nurse tonight, Sussane, rocks too.  I have no idea how they make it happen, but it’s pretty cool.  Now Gregory will have a point of reference that is somewhat positive, prior to treatment.  That’s cool, too.

As is the case everywhere, Gregory has charmed to socks off everyone.  Oh yeah, he oficially wears an allergy bracelet, now.  His “paradoxically reaction” to Versed has earned him this right.  He’s a two bracelet kid, now.  We have also discovered the ever-so-convenient single serve Tillamook Cheddar cheese slice.  So cool.  Cheddar cheese is one of Gregory’s favorites.  Yet he will not eat cheese slices from the sandwich fixin’s.  These are perfect.  So.  Those of you that are helping to offset our resource consumption?  The quanity of single serve garbage had dramatically increased.  Wasting food is just too frustrating.  Single serves are the way to go, for now.  Thank you for working extra hard to help us out with this.

Another fun thing.  Mom made Gregory and I a ton of fun, flannel pillow cases.  It’s nice to see him reclining on something personal, instead of institutional white.  He is currently trying to get back to sleep.  I’ll be following him, soon.  Cuddling up next to him is one of the greatest things on this planet. 

A few things about the rooms: 
Only patients can use the restroom, in the room.  (bummer!)
The IV pumps are huge.  Also?  You cannot hear them pump.  A nice bonus.
Temperatures are taken in Celsius.  Crap.  Now I get to learn a new system. *shrug*
There is a huge white board on the bathroom door for communication. 
Food is done differently, too.  If I’m correct, you order it when you (Gregory) needs it.  You are not subject to mass delivery times and a standard tray.  You could order it in Spokane, but you had to remember deadlines. 

I’m starting to yawn and Gregory is getting ready, too.  ’til later, Gotta jet.


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