Zofran is filled with magic and wonder.

It is a glorious day in Seattle.  Sunshine and warmth.  These are the days to live for.  It was so luxurious to wake up this morning without the need to get somewhere!  We have been lounging around.  Gregory had a little bit of breakfast and his morning meds.  About an hour and a half, after taking them, his stomach started to cramp up.  Thankfully we were sent home with some Zofran last night!!  I gave him one and he promptly fell soundly asleep with no cramping.  This experience is a delicate dance of getting the correct combination of medications he NEEDS to have and others to combat side effects.  When we met with the Pharmacist, yesterday, she mentioned that post-transplant, Gregory will probably be on 8-12 different medications, IV/nG tube nutrition and IV Fluids.  Mom and dad left last night to head homehome.  I am at my best when I can fully focus on just Gregory and I.  It’s not because the presence of other people bother me.  It’s simply that I feel obligated to look out for others around me.  I’ve tried to let that go and it is something I just cannot do.  An occasional visit is totally OK.  A 24 hour presence is challenging for me.  Just a little quirk of mine.

I’m hoping that Gregory feels better, later today.  I’m looking forward to a little outside time with him and pizza delivery.

Gregory is zonked out now, trying to catch up on the last few days of activity and adaptation.  Quite frankly, it’s heaven.  ’til later, Gotta jet.


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Living with Magnificence. Kicking Childhood Cancer's Ass.
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