We visited the SCCA unit at Children’s.

Whew!  What was supposed to be an easy squeasy day kinda got ugly.  We had an orientation meeting with an RN, a meeting with the pharmacist and a meeting with the research coordinator.  We were done and out of there by 11:30.  Mom, Gregory and I hit the grocery store and Office Depot.  I needed groceries and picked up a LONG Ethernet cord.  I am no longer tied to the desk!!!  While we were checking out at the grocery store, Gregory started getting sick.  Tired, lethargic and just yucky feeling.  By the time I loaded him in the car, he up-chucked.  We boogied back to our “home” and he threw up again.  He layed in the bed and occasionally moaned, tried to fall asleep.  This cycle happened twice more, about two hours apart, each.  Phone calls were made to clinic.  At 6:00pm we got the word that we needed to go to the hospital.  We went straight to the SCCA floor.  He continued to dry heave.  After IV fluids, blood draw, urine analysis and a belly x-ray, there was nothing to report.  He received a dose of Zofran, dry heaved twice more and slept it off.  I really did not want to be admitted.  He finally perked up a little, went potty and we were sent home with Zofran (yay!!!!!) and directions to keep an eye out for symptoms.  We got home about 1:00.  We are finally settled in and so ready to chill.  Chilling is ensuing.  We don’t have to be at clinic until TUESDAY!!  A mini break.  Much needed.

We found out today, that Gregory still has parainfulenza virus type III.  This was confirmed through his nasal wash on Tuesday.  They will be repeating the wash on Tuesday the 19th.  If he still has the virus, transplant will be postponed until he is clear of this virus.  We could use some good juju.  He needs a negative nasal wash on Tuesday and to remain healthy for transplant and beyond.  Thanks, everyone.

I’m absolutely beat.  Time to cuddle and rest.  Over the next three days, I’ll be pretty prolific.  You’ve been forewarned!  Love to you all, until tomorrow.  Er, later today!


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