Seattle ~ How do I love thee?

I have absolutely no idea where to start.  The last few days have been……….  (you fill in the blank and you are probably correct).

We have arrived in Seattle and are settling in to  our accommodations at the Ronald McDonald House.  It’s a perfect location.  Super close to most things we will need.  I expect to be in our room until we are admitted for Chemo/Transplant.  Hopefully we will be able to re-locate to our BMT apartment at that time.  There are a couple bummers.  We are not allowed to have food/drink in our rooms.  I understand this.  Totally.  Yet, it kinda sucks.  Especially when I NEED my coffee first thing in the AM.  I’m also nervous about exposing Gregory to too many germs/bacteria/virus/fungus in the common areas.  Despite how careful everyone can be, It’s not an area I can control 100%.  We will see what they have to say at The Hutch.  If they feel he should be isolated, we can receive permission to eat in our room.  The room is set up like a hotel room.  Pix will follow.  Just not tonight. 

Gregory was so cute, tonight.  We went down to the kitchen/eating floor and munched on some popcorn.  There were a couple little girls playing and he very proudly lifted up his shirt and exclaimed, “I have a central line.”  It’s amazing how this whole thing is just part of who he is.  The next few days will really test his ability to adapt.  He will be meeting a whole new crew of caretakers and experiencing new tests in unfamiliar surroundings.  My job, for now, is to make him feel as comfortable, loved and protected as possible. 

Larry’s grandfather passed away, today.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

I will be posting contact info and a local address.  I do have a small plea.  Gregory is currently REALLY  into Toy Story and Toy Story 2.  If any of you should come across any “vintage” (can it be considered Vintage) Toy Story items, specifically the characters, I would be forever grateful.  He is enamoured with all the characters.  I would gladly reimburse anyone who can find them.  They are not easy to come by.  Second hand is totally OK, too.  I have a feeling that this chapter in our lives will forever be remembered through Toy Story.  Not a bad memory, if you ask me.

On Sunday, Curtis and I spent a few hours bowling.  This was our “special time” together, before I left.  While we were there, I forgot my camera.  I didn’t realize it, until  I went to charge it at 12:00 last night.  I panicked!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was a christmas gift from Larry, this last year and it is by far, the nicest camera I have ever owned.  Before we left town, we stopped by “Big Daddy’s”.  Thankfully someone was there and he was more than happy to let me in, before opening.  Did you play the cancer card, you ask?  Of course!  Against all odds, the camera was found by an honest person and I am giddy that it is once again, in my posession.  One giant Whew!!  Can you imagine how boring this Odyssey would be without a pictoral?

The OffSpring and I have started our nightly phone calls.  This is gonna be weird.  Our family dynamic is changing, rapidly.  My goal is to ask these four questions, every night:

What do you have to tell me?
Do you have any questions?
What was the best part of your day?
What was the worst?

I’d also like to try and journal a good portion of their responses.  Tonight I wasn’t on the ball and I can’t remember what their responses were.  Curtis did ask me when they wrere going to start “full blown’ chemo.  This has been a common concern of his.  He also informed me that his skinned knee is doing “remarkably well”.  This experience is changing the way the Curtis and I react.  Which is really good.  If it brings about a dialogue, how sweet that would be.  I have a really hard time talking with Curtis.  Not quite sure what that is all about, I have my theories, none of them very self flatering.  I think the first born is the breeding gound for Trial and Error.  Two gets the self corrects.  Three gets the sweet nothings of being last. 

Sweet nothing is Gregory.  How this little boy has softened my heart. 

I have not been very good about two way communications, lately.  Please know that I have received ALL of your words and vibes.  I’m just really “full” right now.  Trying to keep my head above the water, find time to breathe and give what I can, when I can.  You are all deeply rooted in my being.  I take everyone of you with me. 

Common things I would really like to take part in:

  • Star Trek!  I hear it is awesome.  Definatley a must own, when I comes to DVD.
  • Looking forward to Tek Trek.  Much luck and fun to all of you participating, this year.
  • Preparing Curtis and AnnMarie for campout.  This is AnnMarie’s first year and Curtis’ first year in Upper El.  Please watch out for them, this year.  Any touch stones that can be there for them, will make a world of difference.
  • Welcoming new Montessori families.  I  hear you guys had a rockin’ New Family Orientation.  I’m so proud of all of you.

Larry is busy at home, keeping the home fires lit.  Thank you.  I realize how difficult this is and what it means.

We begin with a clinic visit, tomorrow.  Know what I’m looking forward to?  Blood counts.  He’s been off his 6MP since early last week.  Last counts were on Wednesday.  If I remember correctly his Platelets were at 33 and his Hematocrit was at 26.  I’m anxious to see where he is at.  Wednesday we meet with the first doc and testing begins, after that.  I’ll have e better idea of time line, hopefully by the end of this week.  Of course, nothing is set in stone.  It’s all fluid.

Totally random:  I lived in the U-District for three years.  Driving down 45th, today, I did not remember feeling so crowded.  At the time it felt so huge and open.  Today it felt small and crowded.  Not in an uncomfortable way, but more like it was a play set, from childhood.  I think it is mainly due to the fact that I didn’t own a car at the time.  All my experiences were on foot.  We will see.

I’m looking forward to meeting some families.  Amy and Gregory, this includes you, too.  If you are up for visitors.

I think it’s time to close this, for now.  I’m starting to ramble.  Thanks again, everyone.  A new begining.  Are you all ready for this?  It’s gonna be wild and wooley.  Sweet and sorrowful.  We are warriors, don’t forget.  Hear us roar!!!!!!!!!!! 


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