Can I  tell you something?  The last few days have been STRESSFUL! 

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are still a go for Monday.  Meanwhile, I’m running around, trying to get everything organized and still be “Mom”.  Trying to say all my goodbyes.  Trying to knit.  Packing for four months is daunting.  I’ve got piles of stuff all over the house.  ‘Cause there is you just can’t pack it all and be good.  You still need to use some of that stuff.  Clothes, toys, toiletries, IV supplies, electronics, yarn, mobile office, art supplies, pillows, blankets, Gregory’s eating tray, potty seat and stool…….  It’s not like I can’t pick stuff up if I forget.  It’s that we are going to be away from home and I want some of my and Gregory’s creature comforts, in order to make it feel a LITTLE  like home.  I like my creature comforts and if I can take it with me, I will.  So there.

Larry’s 92 year old grandfather is not doing well.  He went to see him today, quite a distance away, just in case he didn’t have another opportunity.  I’d like to say “When”, please.

Curtis was riding his bike today and bit it hard on the pavement/gravel.  His knee looks like hamburger meat.  I  was a little worried about infection and Larry wasn’t home, yet, to look after the other two OffSpring.  I started calling around for an assist and got a hold of Larry.  He was not far from home, took one look at it and said it was OK.  Huh?  I had washed it with Hibiclins and dressed it.  I hope it doesn’t get infected, it looks pretty ugly. 

I’ve made the monumental decision that AnnMarie is going to get her sweater, when she gets it.  I’ve been obsessing over it and my stomach is telling me to STOP!  I feel good about it.  She will have it shortly, just not before Monday.  I can’t do it, nor will I push myself too hard. 

I feel like this entry needs to be bulleted.  I’ll post again, when I have more coherent thoughts.  Gotta jet. 

Love to you all!!!!  Yes, that includes you, too.

ETA:  I’m on Skype now.  Mom set us up with a web cam.  My username?  Three guesses and the first two don’t count.


Give me a shout out with your info or simply add me to yours.  Who knows?  We might get to have an actual TWO  WAY conversation.  Novel idea, huh!


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