I never look back, dahling. It distracts from the now.

Today we have been: coughing, watching Nick Jr, knitting, doing puzzles, playing Webkinz, reading, giggling, trying not to have a fever, receiving Ibuprofen & cough syrup, not eating very much, not drinking very much and napping.

Gregory did not eat or drink a whole lot of anything, today. We get to spend another night. Hopefully *fingers crossed* we will be heading out, tomorrow. I’ve been really anxious about getting out of here, fast. Yet not too anxious to leave, because I know how Gregory’s colds progress. I feel totally comfortable going home tomorrow. Yesterday? Not so much. I’ve been nervously working the days ’til Monday, in my mind. Wondering if this is going to mess with our schedule. I mentioned it to Larry, tonight. He gave me some clarity, once again. We will get to Seattle, when we get to Seattle. Worrying about it won’t get us there any sooner. Also, worrying about it only stresses me out and stresses Gregory out by-proxy. So. Enough with THAT. These last days have also kinda been a “conditioning” for us, too. A trial run of me not being home and not seeing them. Larry and AnnMarie and still sick and cannot be on the unit. Therefore I haven’t seen the OffSpring since Thursday morning.

Gregory tried to hit a fever, tonight. I think we skated past it. He’s been able to have ibuprofen for the pain, he had been behaving like he had body aches. I guess Ibuprofen is not a fever reducer. He cannot have a fever reducer, unless he has a fever. It would mask any fever he might have and due to his immune system, we need to know ASAP if he does get a fever. He was also able to have cough syrup. What a difference those two things have made. He slept for 3 1/2 hours late this afternoon and woke up in a great mood. He drank one of those mini sprite sodas and ate a piece of chicken strip. This is progress. I’m thinking that once we get home, his appetite will return. This is funny: During one of my many attempts to get him to eat/drink, I asked him if he wanted to go home. His response? “No.” Kills me. I only hope he is this comfortable, once we get to Seattle.

This little derailment had brought home the reality that this trip is happening. The terror at the prospect has faded. It’s been replaced with a little bit of excitement. I know we have a long way to go, but it’s exciting to actually believe that we are getting closer.

The best part of this stay, has been that I’ve made real progress on AnnMarie’s sweater and I’ve made my peace with DPN’s. DPN’s and I are getting along grand. Once we received THE phone call, I lost interest in knitting. I just couldn’t sit and let my mind drift. I’m far better now and am finding comfort in it, again. Thank you, knitting goddesses.

Alrite, I’m trying to catch up on The Tudor’s and finish AnnMarie’s second sleeve. Signing off. Gotta jet.

A little fun. Edna E Mode is my favorite character on The Incredibles.


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