Taking action on my gut feelings. It’s scary.

I have to admit. I’m starting to panic, a little. Gregory is running the course of his flu. No fever, today. Until about an hour ago, it’s starting to climb. It’s not going any further, though. Just so you know. We are slated to go home tomorrow. He coughed pretty hard, all day today. I’m feeling like I’m overreacting, a little. I asked for a nebulizer treatment, tonight, so that he can get a good nights sleep. He has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, coughing his heart out. I was trying to circumvent this event. I hope it works. He really needs a good nights sleep. Except it’s going to be difficult. Late this afternoon, we realized that he hadn’t pee’d since around 10:00 the night before. This entire time he has not been on IV fluids. Yay! Until now. IV fluids mean constant trips to the potty and rough, middle of the night interruptions. Not for me, for him. I really could care less what he needs, he’ll get it with love. He hasn’t hardly eaten anything, either. I’m hoping it’s the surroundings and not something else. I’m convinced that once we get home, he’ll chow down. Dr R gave us the option of going home today or tomorrow. I chose tomorrow. Crazy? Well, I know Gregory and how he progresses. I want to make for darn sure that this coughing doesn’t get nasty. I’m really hoping this doesn’t delay our departure. Wow. That’s a nasty paragraph. If you want to call it one.

I’m starting to get a little stir crazy. I haven’t seen the kids or Larry since Thursday morning. Larry and AnnMarie are sick with the same creeping crud. Therefore they can’t be on the unit. Sucks, huh. I should get used to it, right? Except this is my last week, I hadn’t factored in five+ days in the hospital. Once again, there truly is no planning. Larry is working his butt off at home and Curtis and AnnMarie and doing great. They have lots of fun school events to look forward to. The last several weeks of school are jam packed with events and activities.

Note to self: Take slip on shoes, with NO velcro to Seattle. Putting on shoes while he is sleeping should not include the RRRRIIIPPPP sound of velcro.

I also need to remember to ask the clinic for his last BMA slides and his x-rays. I don’t know if we will be back, before we leave.

Energy requests for tonight: Gregory and I need to be healthy for the next 5 weeks. We need to be healthy after that, too. Yet, we can’t get to the “after that” unless we are healthy before the “after that”.

Thank you’s:

Lori!!! Thanks for the Starbuck’s run and company. I sometimes feel guilty that you are there for me. You’ve been in my shoes and are so willing to lend a hand/ear/shoulder. I’m incredibly grateful. You get it. Which means I have a different level of comfort. Thanks to K & M, too. For supporting you, supporting us.

Cristy! Not much I can say, girl, that I haven’t already. I love you.

Christina. You were there in the beginning. You supported us, without crowding us. “Gregory’s not sick. He has cancer.” This one sentence helped me so much. I really hate to see you leave. Selfishly. I wish you joy, love & music. ♥

Gregory’s waking up rough. Gotta jet.


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