I am staying healthy!

Here we sit. Quite comfortable, a little bit bored. Kinda thankful for some quiet time. Feeling for Larry/Nana and the other OffSpring.

Gregory decided to spike a fever this morning. Tylenol on board. It spiked again, this afternoon. More Tylenol. We are not going home today and I would be surprised if we get to go home, tomorrow. On top of it? I think I’m coming down with it and Larry has it, full blown. If anyone has any reliable remedies for heading off the “sick” at the pass, let me know. I CANNOT get sick. We are too close to treatment. It is my understanding that Fred Hutch has super strict cold/flu symptom rules, right now. You cannot be on campus if you’ve had/have symptoms. Crap. I’m not getting sick. I’m not getting sick. I’m not getting sick. Better yet, I am staying healthy. I am staying healthy. I am staying healthy.

ETA:  I failed to mention that Gregory has had some hefty middle of sleep coughing fits.  Know what that means?  His little face/neck/some chest is getting freckled with petechia.  More little red dots. 

That’s about it, for now. His temp was just taken and it is starting to creep up, again. He also still has that sick/fever look. I’m hoping we get out of here pretty soon. It’s kinda hard to pack/prepare from the hospital!

More later. Gotta jet.

PS: For those of you that would like to have an email notice of posts. I figured it out. I am going to post a link to Gregory’s CaringBridge, every time I make a post.  That way, if you have signed up for notification of entries, via caringbridge, you can get the most recent stuff.  If you have questions, let me know!! 


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