Miley, Miley, Miley…………….

The last few days have been FULL!  Trying to remember everything I need to take/do before Tuesday, May 5.  SEVEN DAYS!  Incredible.

Yesterday AnnMarie & I had a girly day.  Pedicures, shopping and Hannah Montana: The Movie.  The movies was actually pretty good.  I bawled through a good portion of it.  Thankfully the theater seats today can be love seats.  We sat curled around each other.  Singing, grooving and me bawling.  It’s hard to imagine that the earliest that I will be home is September.  Next weekend, Curtis and I will have a day together.  Not quite sure what we are doing, yet. 

I’m thankful that summer is when we will be in Seattle.  Seattle summers are about the prettiest, ever.  Very little rain, sparkling sunshine and moderate temperatures.  I’m also grateful that Gregory won’t be couped up inside during a Spokane summer.  At least not this year. 

Still no word on what our medical schedule looks like, for this week.  Not having some kind of schedule drives me a little batty.  Hopefully we will have some answers by the end of today. 

Did you know I am a hipster?  Yes.  I broke down and picked up a hip holster for my phone.  It is so much easier than trying keep constant tabs on it and running to find it, whenever it begins ringing.  It will also work out great for Seattle.  It is the time of year where pockets become scarce.  So, yeah.  Once more the geek strikes and I’m becoming THAT parent.  Which is totally OK, ’cause the convenience is awesome. 

I need to get more laundry done and get ready for pictures, later today.  Gotta jet!


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