Short, boring, My mind is too crowded.

Hi folks!  It’s another quiet Saturday.  Gregory is trying to stay asleep, Curtis & AnnMarie are with Nana and Larry is out-and-about. 

It’s been a very draining, last few days.  Trying to remember all the arrangements that need to be made, getting them done and thinking about what we need.  WE LEAVE IN 10 DAYS!  Just as Dr Reynolds suggested, we will be in Seattle in May.  Wild.  I’d like to believe that he can manifest, too. 

I’m beginning to see that we WILL be OK.  I’m beginning to see that Gregory will come out on the side of light.  I’ve prepared, the best I can, for this Odyssey.  Thankfully I’ve had several weeks to research and get to know this treatment.  Most leukemia patients get thrown into the mix immediately upon diagnosis.  I’ve had a chance to live with it for a while, before actually going through it.  While the waiting was REALLY  hard, it was significantly shorter than it felt like.

We may/may not be able to get his central line changed, next week.  Surgeon availibility, I believe, is the issue.  *shrug*  It will happen, when it happens.  We have our first family photos on Monday.  I’m awfully excited about that. 

I don’t have much else to report and really don’t feel like getting all “deep” this morning.  I’m going to leave it at that, for now. 

Thanks for this morning:

Anne & Cassie/Cassie & Anne ~  Holy cow!  Thanks, yadies!  Each item gift wrapped was perfect.  The game set for Gregory!  Awesome to take with us.  Love you, both!!! 

Kenneth ~ Wow.  You are amazing in your generosity and your heart.  Thank you!

Our anonymous donor ~ You rock, girl.  I hope we get to meet, someday.  A life saving gift.  There are not enough words to thank you with.


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