The Phone Rang & I Answered It.

Yep.  I love seeing the 206 on caller ID.  We got THE call.

We have a perfect match.  What?, you say.  Yes.  WE HAVE A PERFECT MATCH.  The only thing remaining is a physical exam for the donor.  In order to proceed, they set our schedule, then the donor gets checked out.  We are so flippin’ close.

The donor:  What we know so far, it so totally enough, for now.

  • 10/10 Match
  • B Positive Blood Type
  • CMV Negative
  • Female
  • 22
  • Located in the US of A

Check this out, if for some reason she doesn’t work out, WE HAVE A BACK-UP.  Amazing.

Here is our tentative schedule:

Tuesday May 5 (two flippin’ weeks, folks!), leave for Seattle and get settled in our own accomodations.
Wednesday May 6, officially register with facility and get friendly with the grounds.
Thursday May 7, meed the Doc.
Friday May 8, Tests, tests, tests.  Another BMA, X-Rays, Echo, a-bunch-of-other-shit-I-can’t-remember-r


Wait for results, May 18, the medical group gets together and discusses Gregory’s case, current health and plan of action.  I guess you could call this “rubber stamp” time. 

Here’s the worst part of all.  Gregory has a single lumen Hickman Catheter.  He needs a double lumen.  So May 22 he gets to have his line removed and replaced with a double lumen.  Ugh!!!

No splenectomy.  No total body irradiation.

Chemo begins May 24.
Busulfan IV 4x/day for 4 days
Cytoxin IV 2 days
Melphalin IV 1 day
One day of rest. 


3 weeks, inpatient
2 1/2 months out patient.

All of these dates are fluid.  This simply gets the ball rolling and gives us a target.  These dates are also assuming that we have zero complications.  Nothing is set in stone.

The greatest part about our donor?  Aside from the PERFECT match.  She’s in the US and a repeat transplant will be easier.

Things for me to remember:  Ask Dr R for slides from April 17 BMA.  Ask for his chest x-rays.  Take these items to Seattle.

I can’t believe I just typed all that.  I can’t believe that our life changed again, today at 3:13pm.  I feel so wired, nervous, anxious, scared.  My stomach has been doing flip-flops, non-stop.  I can’t seem to settle on anything.  I’m pacing around the house with this stunned expression on my face.  I feel like I’m in shock.  I haven’t reached that “Woo Hoo!” stage.  ‘Cause it’s not 100%.  It’s all hinging on the donor.  Will she be healthy?  Will her schedule allow?  I try not to count my chickens before they hatch.  I do not want to be let down if this doesn’t work out, but……  WE HAVE A MATCH.  We have a schedule.  We are on our way.

PLEASE!  If you are planning on donating blood or signing up for the Bone Marrow Registry, PLEASE still do so.  My purpose behind this event was for the benefit of the greater good.  We will need blood products, too.  Still.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if one of you were a perfect match for another family?  *steps off soap box*

I’m exhausted, yet totally keyed up. 

Thanks for tonight are simple.

Thank you Universe.  With all that this implies.  Thank you.


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